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Code of Conduct

Patients Will

  1. Treat all staff and patients with respect and honesty and refrain from discriminatory comments or actions

  2. Maintain confidentiality of all other patients and staff

  3. Inform staff of all appointment needs at time of booking to ensure relevant services and time can be provided. If you need to change or add reasons for your appointment you must inform us before the appointment so accommodations can be made

  4. Be prepared to work with all staff members if your usual doctor, nurse, or support staff is not available

  5. Maintaining communication such as returning phone calls in a timely manner, booking appointments when requested by doctor, and giving advance notice for appointment cancellations as outlined in our missed appointment policy

  6. Medication renewals: 5-day notice from your pharmacy prior to needing the medication is required to ensure no disruption to your medication schedule. We always endeavor to do same day renewals

  7. Any comment that harasses, bullies, or defames a doctor, clinic staff, UGFHT staff, or other patients in our practice is unacceptable and could result in immediate dismissal from Arthur Family Practice and services

  8. Provide timely payment of uninsured services provided by the Arthur Family Practice

  9. Understand that Arthur Family Practice works with many individuals with many levels of needs and staff may need to prioritize their time to deal with emergency or high need situations which may result in a late start to the appointment or rescheduling of appointments

  10. Appointments are usually required and always recommended as staff may not always be available on a drop-in basis

  11. Understand that Arthur Family Practice and its staff have limitations regarding the services they provide and realize that eligibility does not automatically ensure services and patients may need to be referred to specialists as required


Refusal of Service

Patients have a responsibility to be respectful and considerate of other patients, employees, and providers at Arthur Family Practice. The decision to refuse service is usually made by the employee in consultation with the Physician. Wherever possible, if a patient is refused service, that patient is provided with a referral to other providers, specialist services and/or other appropriate agencies

Individuals may be Terminated from the Practice:

  1. Where a physician and employee agree that a client/patient have contravened the above responsibility

  2. Patient is or is perceived to be sexually inappropriate or sexually harassing to fellow patients, staff, or providers at Arthur Family Practice

  3. Patient breaches the confidentiality requirement

  4. Patient behaves violently in any real or perceived manner

  5. Patient is or is or is perceived to be threatening or obscene in interaction with other patients or staff of the Arthur Family Practice

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